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I first met the owner of Punkin Rumpkins, Amanda Poma, in 2015 when HoopMama Designs was first starting out. She has helped me with testing designs, answering questions in my group pages, and has just overall grown to be a great friend! I have watched Amanda grow her business in a very organic and natural way. Word of mouth has been her weapon of choice for the most part, but her product line really makes her stand out above the rest!

I asked Amanda these questions about her business and wanted to share her responses with you here!

Punkin RUMPkins

Been in business since July of 2014.

Platforms selling on: Facebook & Etsy

Which Platforms Work The Best For You?

I opened my Etsy shop in September of 2016 and it has been amazing! I’m not very thrilled with their listing and selling fees but the amount of traffic the website brings has been great for my business.

How Much Do You Invest In Advertising Monthly?

I have only advertised during my Anniversary giveaways. I usually spend $15-20 for the two weeks that I have the giveaway open. Other than that I do not spend any money on advertising. I post my finished items in various groups that allow watermarked photos and try to direct traffic to my Facebook page. My customers are great with referring new customers to me.

How Would You Say Your Items Are Priced In Comparison To Your Competition?

My items are competitively priced with where most boutiques have similar items. I know what my time is worth and the products I make and sell are made with excellent quality. I don’t ever under price my products unless it’s a new item that I am trying to promote or I am trying to clear out some inventory which is very rare as I try to use mock ups.

What Types Of Items Do You Offer?

I offer custom hand made clothing and embroidered children’s tops. I recently ventured into the HTV world and am really loving it. As much as I love embroidering, the HTV is much faster as far as turn around time and I can charge less to my customers for these items. Making my shop a place to shop for all incomes levels.

What Types Of Items Are Your Best Sellers?

My best sellers would have to be my newborn outfits and my custom made women’s free socks.

Why Did You Start This Business?

When my son was six months old I was big into cloth diapering and making sure he had the cutest phrases on a bodysuit. I was always buying a new cloth diaper or another embroidered bodysuit and one day my husband said to me”why don’t you just start making your own?”. He asked me what it is that I would need and BAM! Christmas of 2013 he had purchased my first sewing machine. Little did he know that it actually costs more to have all these fancy machines, fabric, supplies etc than it was to just buy from another WAHM. (He eventually learned how much, haha!) I was constantly being told my work was amazing and that I should consider selling. With the support of my husband and family and after becoming compliant to sell children’s clothing I opened my shop in July of 2014.

What Do You Think Would Help Your Business The Most?

I think becoming more active in my Facebook group and possibly hiring an admin to run my page, my business would really take off. I haven’t ventured to that yet but it is my goal for 2017.

Name A Few Things That You Can Attribute Your Success To? Diligence? Patience? Right Place At The Right Time?

My business first took off when I had a customer in 2014 refer twenty of her friends to me. I still have most of those customers to this day. Having lots of patience and knowing when to say ‘no’ has really helped me become successful. I’m very picky when it comes to items I purchase for my son so I’m constantly making sure anything I make and sell is up to my ‘high’ quality you and control standards because I know what I look for in anything that I buy.

If You Could Go Back In Time And Give Yourself Advice Before Opening This Business, What Advice Would You Give?

If you plan on going into business take inventory of EVERYTHING you buy! My first year in business was a MESS! I went on a shopping spree and didn’t log anything in my inventory books. Tax time the following year was a headache. I learned my lesson and luckily I knew to save all of my receipts and got it all squared away.

What Do You Do Differently Than Your Competition?

I find what sets me a part from other sellers is that I make the matching clothing items to accessorize my outfits. Other than fabric, I never buy inventory from suppliers.

Anything else you would like to share?

If I could share anything it would be to take on only what you can handle. Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’ to customers if you feel it’s more than you can handle. Never under sell yourself, you know what your time and materials are worth. Anytime a particular project is giving you grief…. walk away, clear your mind and when you’re ready get back to it. It’s much easier to do this than accidentally making a silly mistake and having to start all over. Join Facebook groups pertaining to your craft, they are FULL of helpful information. If you can’t find your answer don’t be afraid to ask. No question is a silly question. Have fun in what you do!


Thank you, Amanda for sharing your journey with us!