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Hi. I’m Jeanna Hooper, and I am a fontaholic. I am not in recovery, nor am I seeking help. I didn’t choose this life. It chose me. And for that… I am forever grateful. Because part of being a fontaholic means that I can recognize great deals when I see them, and guess what… I have another one to share with you!

Creative Fabrica has been one of my best kept secrets for way too long and I feel like I’m being a hog.

This. Site. Is. AWESOME!!!!!! Let me tell you why. Click any image in this post to be taken to their site when you’re ready!

  1. Membership Subscription Options: For $19 a month you can download ALL of their fonts for COMMERCIAL use!!! No restrictions! You can make and sell anything with their fonts as long as you don’t sell the font itself or include it in your product (obviously.) Don’t sell? They thought of that, too! Their personal use subscription is only $9 a month!

BUT WAIT… there’s more

2. They also have CRAFT Membership Subscriptions for $12 for THREE MONTHS! Whaaaaat??? Yes! Cut files in SVG, PNG, EPS and DXF! Compatible with Silhouette and Design Space!

3. Don’t need a subscription? No worries! You can purchase licenses for individual fonts directly from them as well! Like this UH-MAZE-ING new font from On The Spot Studio. *I need all the heart eye emojis*

4. Yes, another reason! They also have a tool that will search the fonts installed in YOUR computer so you can see them all in one place. Kind of like but they also have a tool that will show the glyphs that the font has and allow you to make lists of your favorites for easy management!

5. If I haven’t convinced you by now… maybe FREEBIES will do the trick? Yeah…. freebies! Currently they have over 100! Well… 101 to be exact!

So seriously. Creative Fabrica is probably one of the coolest sites out there for crafters right now and it’s growing constantly! If you are a fontaholic like me, just embrace it. Know that this is who you are and that it’s okay. Especially now that you can download THOUSANDS OF FONTS for $19. $19!!! Don’t do it because I said to… do it because your soul does.


Let that little font hoarder inside you live a little.

Click here or any image in the post to visit them today!


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Save is a free and awesome tool to help you with your Etsy shop! It will analyze your tags, identity spelling errors and areas that may be missing from your shop profile! You can even compare your shop to other shops in your field.

In addition to all the tools, it also shows all kinds of stats for each product you have! Listing date, views, visibility, SEO grade and several more options! Here is one of my products in my SVG shop on Etsy so you can get an idea of some of the areas it takes into consideration before it gives suggestions on areas to fix.

Obviously this is one of my most profitable products… here’s how a not-so-great one looks…

Eek! I liked this one 🙁 I better get to work to change some things on the listing!

If you have some time to spare, play around and look at your listing scores! I bet you’ll see several suggestions you never thought of!